Dealing with an Out of State DUI

Many times, people that are traveling from out of state on business, holidays, or even just passing through Minnesota can end up getting pulled over and charged with a DUI. Being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is very serious and can potentially ruin many aspects of your life and finances. When you are charged with such a crime in a state other than the one in which you reside, the headaches and fines can be even worse, unless you have someone in your corner to help you take care of it.

If you are not from Minnesota but are facing a DUI charge, it can be very frightening, as most people aren’t aware of the laws and legal consequences for DUIs in other states. Most of us don’t have the time or money to travel for ongoing legal proceedings, and this can add to the stresses of your situation. However, there are things that can be done to handle these issues when you are out of state.

What to do after the arrest

It is extremely important that you seek legal representation as soon as possible. Finding an attorney with a great reputation that specializes in DUIs is the first step. A criminal defense attorney will review all of the facts of the case and be able to tell you if you have a chance of fighting the case or not. Even if attorneys can’t fight the facts of the case, they usually have enough knowledge to get reduced sentences and lower fines and costs, which often makes the additional money you will spend on the attorney fees worthwhile.

Court Appearances

Unfortunately, unless your case is dismissed by the prosecutor, you will have to appear before a judge for your sentencing or trial. A local attorney can usually take care of most of the pre-trial proceedings, however. Most times, a judge will allow an attorney to make appearances for you in order to submit a plea and for discovery hearings if you are located in a different state.

If you are an out-of-state resident who ends up with a DUI in Minnesota, don’t make the mistake of trying to handle your case on your own or risk missing an appearance in court. This will likely only make your situation worse. Hiring a competent attorney is a must when facing out of state DUI charges.

David Haenel, Esq. of Finebloom & Haenel is frequently consulted on his expertise in matter of DUI defense. In addition to authoring the book “Florida DUI Survival Guide: A Citizen’s Protective Manual,” he is a frequent speaker on the topics of DUI defense and breath testing as providing training sessions for both law enforcement and his fellow prosecutors. He rates a “Superb” (10 out of 10) rating by clients and other attorneys on the independent review site, and has been named a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers magazine. Learn more at

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Avery Appelman is a criminal defense lawyer and the founder of Appelman Law Firm. While his practice is primarily recognized for its work with DWI and related offenses, he has 16 years of experience working with clients on drug, assault, theft, traffic, criminal sexual conduct, and prostitution charges.
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