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The MN Criminal Defense Blog was created to educate people on their basic civil rights and legal defenses in the state of Minnesota. Topics range from DWIs, to prostitution, to drug charges. We encourage you to use this blog as an open forum for discussion on the various subcategories of Criminal Defense in Minnesota. We’re constantly tracking up-to-date stories about everything pertaining to criminal law.

Each article is written in close consultation with the experienced MN criminal defense attorneys of the Appelman Law Firm. This allows us to produce and share honest and factual information with our readers while developing a unique and educational perspective. Let’s meet the attorneys:

025AL2012Avery Appelman is a well-respected criminal defense attorney and is the founding and managing partner of the Appelman Law Firm.  He has been assisting clients in all areas of criminal defense for 16 years and his insights have been sought and shared by various news outlets in Minnesota.


We’re always looking to build relationships with bloggers/lawyers/legal professionals and we welcome any feedback and further insight. Reach out to us at info@aacriminallaw.com or by giving us a call at 952.224.2277.


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