Minnesota DWI’s are Enhanceable

A Minnesota DWI is an “enhanceable” offense, meaning certain factors can increase the charges of a Minnesota drunk driving offense.  Depending on which aggravating factors the driver is accused of, the level of severity of the offense will vary.  If the driver is accused of any of the following circumstances, the charges will increase:

  1. The individual’s blood alcohol content exceeds .20.
  2. A child under the age of 16 is in the motor vehicle at the time of the offense, and the child is more than 36 months younger than the offender.
  3. A prior impaired driving incident conviction or alcohol related driver’s license revocation that occurred in the ten years directly preceding the current DWI offense.

Any of these factors alone, or in combination, will result in you being charged with a higher “degree” of DWI.  According to the Minnesota DWI law, the appropriate level of violation (i.e. “degree’) is determined by the number of present aggravating factors.

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